What is Speech Therapy?

Speech-Language Pathologists are licensed medical professionals who help people communicate and connect with the world.  Speech-Language Pathologists work with people of all ages to support them in interacting with others and communicating effectively. The goal of speech therapy for a young child is to promote the skills a child needs to use language to participate in daily routines and activities successfully.

Speech therapy for children often turns every day activities into opportunities for a child to develop a variety of language skills:

  • Interaction: Engaging in back and forth conversations, even before they can talk through imitation and gestures.
  • Semantics: Understanding and using of a variety of words to follow directions, answer questions and communicate wants and needs.
  • Syntax/Grammar: Combining words into phrases and sentences and understanding more complex sentences and directions.
  • Articulation: Coordination of muscles and movements required to produce developmentally appropriate speech production
  • Social Language: Use language for a variety of purposes (requesting, informing, protesting, greeting). Using facial expressions, eye contact, and non-verbal cues appropriately.
  • Early Literacy Skills: Holding a book, recognizing pictures, imitating actions from story, and running fingers along printed words while pretending to read.